In Which We Give Pippa Middleton A Lesson In Plaid Shirt Wearing

Pippa Middleton may know how to turn heads, but she has no clue how to wear a plaid shirt. At all.

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As seasoned plaid shirt wearers, we think we’re qualified to give the girl a few pointers. We approve of her black skinny jeans, but of very little else. Here are three rules she needs to follow the next time she decides to go all downtown on us:

1. Length is key. If your shirt falls below the bum, there’s no need to tuck it into your pants. But if it falls above? Tuck thy ish!

2. Roll up your sleeves. You look like a nerd otherwise. And not the good kind! Wear a ton of bracelets on your now-exposed forearms, if you’re so inclined.

3. Do not wear pumps. Pumps with a plaid shirt… are you kidding?! No no no no no no.

The end.

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