Pippa Middleton Creepily Gets Kissed By Stranger At End Of Ski Race

Yesterday Pippa Middleton completed the 56-mile Vasaloppet cross-country ski race. Her prize? An unsolicited kiss by some stranger dude. UNCOOL, STRANGER DUDE.

Eriks Smedh is the 20-year-old guy who thought it would be okay to greet some woman he’s never met with a kiss at the end of her 7-hour ski trek. Middleton was sweet and smiley about it, but the Styleite consensus is that we would have punched the guy in the face.

Smedh spoke to the Daily Beast and was all, “It was totally spontaneous, really innocent, just a cheek kiss…I just thought it would be funny with all the commotion around her.” Yeah, we wouldn’t exactly call it funny. “I told her that we have a tradition here in Mora when you reach the goal and then I kissed her,” he explained. “It actually is a tradition, but just for the winner of the race.”

Kudos to Pippa for keeping her cool, but WTF Eriks.

[Daily Beast]

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