Man Publishes Paper Declaring PMS ‘Animosity’ Can Ruin Your Marriage, Because Science

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Today in Men Mansplaining Periods:

…According to a paper out last week by Michael R. Gillings, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can ruin a marriage. Gillings claims that PMSing women — in infertile couples in particular — may use feelings of “animosity” as well as risk-seeking and competitive behaviors to leave their husbands and find someone new.

Because how many times has your PMS just made you feel CRAZY? Like you wanna go out and do something WILD? Get TURNT UP? “Oh man, I have that really irritating lower back pinching thing happening…WANNA GO SEEK SOME RISK? Let’s get tramp stamps and leave our husbands!”

Does this not sound like you or anyone you know during PMS? That’s because, in his research, Gillings pulled a bunch of stuff from studies and writings on PMDD (pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder) which is a completely different animal, only affecting 5-8% of women. (Our divorce-causing friend PMS, sadly, affects 80% of women.) Then he conflated it with vague “PMS symptoms” he never quite lays out specifically and applied the effects of one to the other. SCIENCE.

Then there’s the fact that the paper he used to support his ridiculous marriage claim actually only argues that women with a lot of life stressors (work, husbands, etc.) experience worse PMS symptoms — not that PMS symptoms cause more stress.

Finally, aside from the fact that, as we now know, the myriad of studies he cited likely focused overwhelmingly on white women, his paper is maddeningly heteronormative. It assumes all PMSing women are in baby-wanting, monogamous relationships with dudes, which — quick survey of the Styleite Team — does not apply to 75% of us.

So next time you’re feeling #risky, check yourself before you wreck yourself marriage, and go wreck dominant culture instead.

[The Daily Beast]

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