Poor, Little, Rich Girl: Sarah Ferguson Just Can’t Stop Shopping

On a dreary Wednesday morning, there’s nothing like some gossip got get things rolling. So like something out of an issue of People Magazine circa 1991, we give you the poor-little-rich girl woes of Sarah Ferguson. Today the Daily Mail has it that Fergie — the British one — has a serious shopping problem… and by serious, we mean worse than yours.

According to the most recent reports, the flame-haired royal is homeless, destitute and — despite owing thousands to various banks — just can’t put down the Amex. What a scandal! More sources say the Duchess owns no fewer than five cell phones and recently racked up a $1,300 tab at a Dallas Neiman Marcus in a matter of minutes.

Saleswoman: ‘Do you have a Neiman Marcus account?’
Fergie: ‘No.’
Saleswoman: ‘Do you want one?’
Fergie: ‘Yeah! Let’s open it. Then I can put the chair on the account.’

The chair in question being the one she happened to be sitting in for an appearance at the store. Shopaholic Takes Dallas, anyone?

Anyway, true to form, Fergie says she has a bunch of projects in the hopper. And you know how it is with these celebrities: one minute they are 500 pounds and helpless, and the next they are the spokesperson for Weight Watchers, baring it all and collecting a small fortune thanks to an Oprah– endorsement. Wait, I think she’s already done that. But I’m sure she’ll find something else. My suggestion: start checking Craigslist regularly.

In the meantime, Fergs is still being chauffeured around in a Bentley worth more than 130,000 pounds — on loan from a friend, of course.

Via Daily Mail.

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