Prince Charles Is The Royal Family’s Latest Fashion Icon

It has come to our attention that we’ve been doing you a disservice, dear reader. All this time we’ve been spending documenting every matching coat, hat, and bauble of Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton, and we’ve completely neglected one of the most fashionable royals around: Prince Charles!

Yes, you read that right. The Prince of Wales was charged with kicking off Britain’s first ever menswear fashion week, which he did Thursday night with a reception for several hundred fashion people at Saint James’s Palace. The Guardian makes sure to point out that pretty much everyone dressed up for the occasion, but they do have a rather odd way of putting it: “Silk pocket squares outnumbered ironic baseball caps by around 12 to one.” Does that mean someone actually wore an ironic baseball cap to meet the Prince?! We’re pretty sure that’s the kind of stunt that will get your palace privileges revoked.

Anyways, Charles laughed off the notion that he might be any kind of fashion icon, despite the fact that he has already proven that he can breakdance in a double-breasted suit and is probably the only person in the world that has people iron his shoelaces.

He’s also something of a fashion writer. In this month’s GQ UK, Charles writes about his appreciation of “sustainable” clothing — a favorite topic of his, it seems:

“Clothes have to combine style with sustainability, and I find British-made tailoring more than meets that challenge – much to the amusement of my staff, who are sometimes surprised to find that what I am wearing turns out to be as old as or even older than they are.”

So if you’re looking to emulate the Prince, you might want to steer clear of Topshop. We can pretty much guarantee those cutout tees won’t outlast anyone.


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