Playgirl Wants To Offer Prince Harry Six Figures For His Crown Jewels

By now, everyone’s seen the naked Prince Harry photos. Well, Playgirl wants to offer the prince a pretty penny to strip down for a proper photoshoot. This was inevitable.

Playgirl publisher Vincent Stevens spoke with E! News about this very important subject. Of course, he acknowledges the impossibility of the situation.

“There’s no way in the world that he would ever consider this but you’re talking about numbers in the six figures right off the bat.”

Harry’s a prince — what is he going to do with a paltry million bucks? Even though Harry looks like he’s considering this in the picture, this would never certainly happen, because his grandmother would disown him, or something. But we can certainly imagine the cheeky centerfold, and Prince William‘s unimpressed reaction.

Stevens also explains why Harry would be the perfect piece of eye candy:

“He’s a wild party guy. He’s appealing to a lot of people because, although he’s from the royal family, there’s sort of this untamed nature to him. I think that’s something that’s really attractive to our readers and to the general public. He can’t be contained by the royal family. He’s just a free spirit. I think the bidding would start in the low six figures. I think a million dollars is not out of the question.”

We wonder what Prince Harry’s cousin-in-law Katrina Darling thinks about this? After all, she is a Playboy model herself, and one could imagine how stoked she’d be if another member of her family joined her in going nude.

[E! News via HuffPost Style]

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