Want To Be William And Kate’s Housekeeper-Dresser?

It was less than a week ago that we found ourselves wondering when the time would come for Prince William and Princess Catherine to accept that their lives are far from normal. Turns out, we didn’t need to wait long.

A palace source revealed today that Will and Kate, who are preparing to move into Kensington Palace this month, are looking for a housekeeper-dresser. Before you start making photocopies of your resume and online-shopping for the perfect fascinator, you should know that the job description does not include “stylist.” The new servant will not be “helping [Kate] choose or buy clothes.” We’re not surprised that Kate’s not looking for a stylist – everything she wears tends to sell out in a matter of minutes – but we’re a little disappointed that we won’t get a chance to influence those impeccable wardrobe choices of hers. Still interested in the position? The new servant will get a chance to serve as the Princess’ valet, as that will be his or her primary responsibility, which means you’d at least get to iron and fold the royal sweatpants.

The decision to hire a personal staff member was influenced by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s stay in Clarence House where they enjoyed the benefits of having a domestic staff. And who wouldn’t? Especially a couple who barely had time to go on their honeymoon, let alone cook dinner or do their laundry.

Will and Kate are temporarily living without help in their home in Anglesey, north Wales, but the pair are rarely in one place for more than a week, not nearly enough time to manage the long-term up-keep of a home. As adorable as it was to see Kate grocery shopping last month, we can’t imagine that picking up cereal for Wills at the local London market will be easy given the hoards of admirers and paparazzi that are sure to follow her every move. Although we admire their — especially Kate’s — efforts to retain normalcy, how normal can your life really be when 2 billion people watched you get married?

[via People]

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