Even Though It Wasn’t McQueen, Prince William’s Wedding Outfit Was Fancy

Kate Middleton‘s royal wedding dress was stunning, but Prince William looked pretty sharp himself. He wore a custom Irish Guard uniform, and it was super fancy. Let’s learn more about it!

Russell Kashket of Kashket & Partners was tasked with creating the uniform, as well as Prince Harry‘s Blues and Royals uniform and those of the adorable page boys. Apparently back in February he got word from the palace about a project, but was told he would have to sign a contract with Prince William before he would be given details (of course, a confidentiality agreement was involved, too). While the seamstresses who helped make Kate’s Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown were told they were making a dress for a period film, the factory workers who made William’s uniform only knew the garments via pseudonym.

So what makes William’s uni so special?

“The tunic is all-natural, pure wool melton. The gold is all real gold. It’s spun onto the cotton into a wire form and we embroider that directly onto the scarlet ground cloth. The gold-plated buttons are manufactured in Firmin House using a hand press so it’s a gravity system. It’s processed three or four times to bring out the real definition. The collar is reinforced with buckram [a coarse linen cloth] so it’s stiff. That’s one of the areas that you have to be particularly careful about because it can become very uncomfortable very quickly. Inside it’s a fairly basic garment and most people would wear a T-shirt underneath to keep them nice and comfortable. There’s some heavy linings and inter-linings to give it good form and structure so it looks smart. The garment is actually worn 12 hours a day by the Foot Guards officers and they’ll sweat into it, so it has to be very resilient and stand up.”

Kashket also made the midnight blue wool frock coat William wore when he drove Kate around in the Aston Martin; the collar and cuffs are super-detailed and hand-embroidered. The page boys’ Regency-style garments were special, too. Kate helped with the design, the likes of which haven’t been made for nearly 200 years. Also this: “They were going to wear swords but then we decided that they might have a swordfight in the abbey.” That would have been horrifying, but also really, really cute.

The master tailor has worked with the royal family before — he even has a rapport with the Queen herself: “She can spot if someone’s not correctly dressed from 100 yards…If Her Majesty sees anything wrong on parade she will make sure that the military and the company making the garments know there was an error.” He also confirms Harry is a jokester. Duh.

Here’s some visual accompaniment:


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