WATCH: Reporter Lauds Bulimic Princess Diana For Being A Size Four

What’s the question that burns deeply in the heart of everyone who loved Princess Diana from afar? Why, what size dress she wore, of course!

At least that’s the way Today Show reporter Janet Shamlain framed it this morning in her package about the exhibit of the People’s Princess’s clothes currently being staged at the Mall of America. Not how much they cost or where she wore them or the good she did in them, but what size they were. She got a eye-roll-filled answer from curator Graeme Murton that Diana didn’t have sizes because most of her clothes were couture or made to measure. But that didn’t stop her from speculating that most of them were either a size six or eight. But one of them got special attention for being even smaller.

Standing next to this gorgeous, turn-all-heads-in-the-room kind of gown .. it looks like a size four. And this was one of the gowns she wore after she was divorced. She wore her clothes a lot more tailored and more sexy then. It is just gorgeous.

Right. Because the only way to be gorgeous is to fit a sample size, and she only got that thin because of her struggle with bulimia. So that is something we should celebrate on national television.


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[via Jezebel]

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