The Worst Ad Ever: Princess Di In Her Panties

People in Venice thought the images of an almost nude Julianne Moore were bad? Well, this advertisement takes inappropriate to a whole new level.

Chinese lingerie company Jealousy International has come under fire after putting up a billboard depicting the late Princess Diana in a bra and underwear, playing the cello in front of a young boy. Shoppers are instructed to “Feel the Romance of British Royalty,” by purchasing a silky, lacy bra like the cartoon version of Diana is wearing.

Sam Chambers, an English journalist who has worked in China for last 10 years, was at an airport when she spotted a billboard of the ad. Shocked, she wondered if she had actually seen what she thought she had seen — and on the anniversary of Diana’s death, no less.

“I thought, surely not, because it was rolling quite quickly,” she told The Daily Mail. “So I waited to check when it came up again and, sure enough, there was an image of Diana.”

The advertisement on its own is horribly thoughtless. But if you add in the clearly not-so-coincidental fact that it was distributed around the anniversary of the Princess’ death, it’s just plain inexcusable. And in our minds, makes it one of the worst, most inappropriate advertisements we’ve ever seen.

What do you think?

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