Accused Rapist Makes Cravat Out Of Prison Bedsheets

He might be on trial for going on what prosecutors have called a “rape spree,” but there’s no getting around the fact that Hugues Akassy has a commitment to his style.

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Akassy, who’s currently being held at Rikers Island while he’s tried for sexually assaulting no less than five New York women, has such a strong sense of personal style that he almost didn’t make it to his latest court date. The New York Post reports that Akassy likes to wear cravats so much that when he didn’t have one on hand yesterday, he tied a full bedsheet around his neck. Courtroom guards didn’t want to let the billowing bolt of fabric into the room (safety concerns, you know?), but Akassy refused to take it off.

So he and the guards had to come to a compromise. One of them took a pair of scissors and hacked down from a bedsheet to the size of an actual cravat, and he was allowed to wear it into court.

The accused has been in court for most of the past two weeks, listening to police allege that he used forged credentials as a French journalist to get close with women in New York City. In reality, according to court papers, he was “sleeping on rooftops and sneaking into gyms to shower.” Akassy insists all of his relationships were consensual, but prosecutors have argued otherwise.

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Prosecutors say he raped one of the women — a French tourist named “Tatiana” — during a Riverside Park “picnic” in 2009, leaving her bruised and hysterical, according to police and medical testimony.

He is accused of a 2009 stairwell sex attack against a travel agent he’d been dating casually. Three additional women — a law student, an art gallery director and a Metropolitan Museum of Art historian — have accused him of harassment and stalking campaigns.

If he’s convicted, Akassy could face up to 25 years in jail — and we’re fairly certain that he’d have to give up wearing cravats as they present a pretty grisly choking hazard. Read more about his case here.

[The New York Post]

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