PHOTO: Proenza Schouler Bitten By Photoshop Bug

Good afternoon, and welcome to Styleite. If you’re just joining us, then you probably haven’t noticed yet that we really hate Photoshop.

Let us rephrase — we detest the overuse of Photoshop to alter the appearance of already beautiful people to make them fit a standard of beauty only achievable through digital photo manipulation. And in its new (and first) campaign, Proenza Schouler‘s advertising people seem to have done just that.

People have made jokes about models being so thin they disappear in profile, but the nonexistent waist of the model in this ad is no laughing matter. In fact, unless she’s had several major organs removed, it’s an anatomical impossibility. The 18-inch waist of Ann from the new cycle of ANTM notwithstanding, no amount of posing or styling or lighting could explain this one to us. Because if her waist were as small as the people who designed this ad would like for us to believe it is, her legs and thighs suggest that she has real hips — yet those, miraculously, have disappeared as well.

We always admired Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez because they represented to us what hard work can accomplish. They are truly talented and visionary designers who make clothes we can see real people wearing. But the model in this photo is not in any way representative of reality, and that’s something we just won’t stand for.

[H/T to HuffPo Style]

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