Project Runway: Designers Should Not Be Judges

In episode four of Project Runway, we learn a very important lesson: contestants should not be judges.

This week, the whole group loved Christopher‘s dress, and thought Michael Costello was headed home. But, nope — Costello won (with the great harmony of dress and Philip Treacy hat) and Christopher was sadly in the bottom three.

Yes, Philip Treacy was a major part of this episode, where the contestants had to design a dress based on one of his hats. He was also a subdued guest judge (the anti-Betsey Johnson?). The bottom three this week were Chris, April (much more on her later) and Kristin, with Kristin and her orchid complaints getting the axe.

That means one of my final four is eliminated (the others being Christopher, Michael Costello and A.J.) so we have to find a new person to slide into the role. Mondo has been successful and has the eccentric personality to go far (“I think they all have voices,” he says of fabric. “And I’m hearing them.”) so I’ll put him in there.

Quote of the Week: “I guess if you’re going for a three day weekend it looks like you’ve layered your underpants.” – Michael Kors ripping on the odd diaper look of April’s outfit. Which brings us to…

Quote of the Week (that made me laugh): “I don’t want to know why her panty has a big black zipper in the back!” – More from Kors on April.

Quote of the Week (by Tim Gunn): see below…

Insult of the Week: Contestants slamming contestants. “His dress is a hot mess.” Ivy says of Costello (obviously, she was very wrong). “I don’t think the runway is really a place for booty shorts.” Valerie on April.

Fashion Term I Had to Look Up: “To me, it’s Donna Karan 1988.” – Tim Gunn. Context: Well, it was a boring black dress, so…

Even I Knew This Was a Bad Sign: Kristin describing an addition to her dress as a “shrub” and Tim Gunn literally screaming and recoiling in horror.


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