Project Runway Finale: And The Winner Is…

With two hours of a three-and-a-half-hour Project Runway finale still to go, Lifetime needed to kill some time. It started with a makeshift reunion show, and a look back at the season for the finale three.

And it ended with everyone’s least favorite personality, but arguably one of the best designers, Gretchen, taking the victory over Mondo. Although the judges were not in agreement (and the viewers won’t be, either).

Gretchen showed her true colors early in the show, as the reunion had the word “bitch” being thrown around. “I think the funny answer is I’m not a bitch, I just play one on TV.” But…really? “I think being a girl that’s confident quickly shifts into a role of bitch that I feel is not right just for saying my opinion,” she said, tearing up.

The other designers were quick to attack her though, and apparently her friends on the show didn’t like what they saw and heard during the season. “What I say is not about people’s character, it’s my biased opinion about design,” she said, defending herself. Oddly it was Michael Costello, who Gretchen demolished in confessional interviews, who came to her defense.

There was a lot of reflecting, walking, introspection, driving, emoting, staring. Honestly, this could have been over in an hour, but we had to wait the entire first hour until the runway shows actually started. Gretchen went first, and showed a lot of outfits that looked like things Gretchen would want to wear. She later described it as “running through thunder.” Andy went next – I’d describe his collection as what the sexy alien on the ABC series V would have in her closet. Mondo went third, and Michael Kors called it “molto Mondo.”

When it came time for judging, Heidi Klum and guest judge and fashion icon (ha?) Jessica Simpson pushed for Mondo, but Kors and Nina Garcia seemed to favor Gretchen. “But everything is loose,” counted Simpson, to which Kors fired back, “Hello! Read a magazine. Trust me, fashion’s changing and she’s on the vibe for what’s next.” And with that slam, it was all but over. Gretchen wins, Mondo finishes 2nd, and Lifetime finishes the season with a lot of disappointed viewers.

Quote of the Week: “They ask, ‘is Jason really crazy, is Ivy really mean, and is Gretchen really bitchy?'” – Nicholas on what people have asked him since the show. And the answers: yes, yes, yes.

Quote of the Week (that made me laugh): “That is a fantastic thing. So, Bravo.” – Michael Kors. He sure does say “bravo” a lot. A subliminal message?

Quote of the Week (by Tim Gunn): “For all of the drama, all the sturm urd drang, you all really came together and were there for each other.”

Insult of the Week: “I almost feel like somebody took over you completely and you lost Andy somewhere in here.” – Nina Garcia

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