Project Runway, Week 2: To Infinity And…You’re Out

Episode two of Project Runway was one long Marie Claire infomercial, featuring Joanna Coles as guest judge, a time-filling photoshoot for each designer and the prize of a Marie Claire Times Square billboard.

But the judges weren’t messing around this week — and, spoiler alert we were greeted to two very necessary eliminations.

Jason and Nicholas, twice in the bottom three, both saw their time come to an end, but it was Jason who was the real star. His concept for the challenge was based on “infinity,” as he explained: “Infinity is just, you know, forever. What’s better than infinity?” (Answer: a dress that doesn’t involve safety pins.) Throughout the episode, his competitors referred to him as “shady” and “kind of creepy” — although Christopher Collins liked his menswear. Unfortunately for Jason, he and his “hump” hat went home before any menswear challenge arose.

As for what worked — Gretchen put together the “first pair of pants I’ve ever made without someone helping me” but somehow took the victory, again. Two wins in two weeks is a good way to start, but will she burn out early? Mondo, who admitted to being really lonely earlier in the week, found some solace in the top three, along with Valerie, who made a dress that looked very similar to the guest judge’s.

Casanova, who is probably the most compelling character of the year, appears to lose it in the next episode. Stay tuned…

Quote of the Week: Two quotes that display how Michael Kors is able to demolish both sides of an either/or argument. Jason thought his dress could be used for day and night. Kors’ response: “At night she would feel like she was wearing a satin bedspread. For day, everyone in the office would say is that a walk of shame dress?” Nicholas thought his outfit work with or without his cape. Kors’ response: “If she takes the cape off, she’s naked, if she keeps the cape on, she might be joining a religious sect.”

Quote of the Week (that made me laugh): “What are you doing now, are you showing us her underwear?” – Heidi Klum to Jason, as he fumbled around with his weird infinity dress.

Quote of the Week (by Tim Gunn): “It’s old. It’s Blanche Devereaux.”

Insult of the Week: “It’s like an Amish cocktail dress.” – more from Kors.

Fashion Term I Had to Look Up: James Macari Context: The designers were very excited to have the winning look photographed by Macari. Here’s who he is. (Also, Coco Rocha was the model for the shoot.)

Even I Knew This was a Bad Sign: Jason describing his “user-friendly safety pins.” Also, Peach describing her dress pattern as “Barbie’s sofa.”

Here’s the excruciating dismantling of Jason’s dress by the judges:

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