Project Runway Recap: Tim Gunn Makes Ball Jokes

Project Runway has been the “Gretchen Jones Show” so far — the Oregonian designer has won the first two challenges, and finishes in the top three again in this one.

But it’s not just her wins. She’s also getting on everyone’s nerves, by winning a lot but also talking constantly. “You talk all the time!” said A.J., who talks all the time as well. Also, Betsy Johnson was the guest judge and she wants to explode A.J.’s dress.

The challenge involved using materials found at a party store, and Tim Gunn and the other contestants believed this was perfect for A.J. A.J., though, did not agree. (Neither did the judges, who put him in the bottom three.) Also in the bottom three was Casanova, who generally underperforms on every challenge, and Sarah, who was elimanated. “I wrote ‘sad,'” said Heidi Klum of her instant analysis of Sarah’s spray-painted palm tree cut-out dress.

The top three were Gretchen, again, Andy (the winner), and Valerie who is feeling like “the Susan Lucci of Project Runway” for her constant runner-up finishes. Johnson loved her “instant facewipe napkin dress,” though. (And yes, that was a compliment). Also, Ivy passes out. Will she be able to continue or will she be put on injured reserve? We’ll find out next week!

Quote of the Week: “I would like to see it a zillion times exploded.” – guest judge Betsey Johnson. She thought the ridiculous pink party (favor) dress should be exploded a lot more.
Runner-up: “She looks like a transvestite flamenco dancer at a funeral.” – Michael Kors. Any other week this would be the winner.

Quote of the Week (that made me laugh): “I prefer the woolly balls.” – Tim Gunn. Even he laughed at this.

Insult of the Week: “It looks like a hot mess.” – Nina Garcia to A.J. “Thank you,” says A.J. “That was not a compliment.”

Fashion Term I Had to Look Up: “Schiaparelli-like”
Context: “There’s something Schiaparelli-like happening here.” Definition: referring to Elsa Schiaparelli.

Even I Knew This Was A Bad Sign: Casanova could not stop complaining about the crappy materials, and eventually refused to listen to what Tim Gunn had suggested two minutes before — an immediate bottom three penalty.

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