Project Runway Recap: Baby Fever

The challenge this week had two purposes: to promote Heidi Klum’s new line of baby clothes, “Truly Scrumptious” for Babies ‘R Us (…I know) and to mess with the designers’ heads. To that end, they were given the task of creating a look for a bunch of adorable little babies and their mothers.

While most of the designers took to the babies right away, their attitude changed when they went back to the workroom and found it transformed into a nursery, complete with new decorations, tiny baby mannequins, and one hyper-realistic, crying doll for each designer to deal with while creating their garments. I suppose the producers worried they would finish their tiny outfits too quickly, and wanted to slow them down. Fabio Costa was obsessed with his baby, while Dmitry Molokhov hated his, and everyone else was somewhere in between.

Heidi stopped by to critique the designers along with Tim Gunn, since it’s her line they were designing for, and Melissa Fleis got in hot water for creating a pair of leggings too similar to ones that Heidi already designed for the line and had to scrap them. Dmitry was very confident about the bright red and blue jumpsuit-with-a-cape thing he was creating, which I found absolutely hideous and costume-y. Elena Slivnyak, Sonjia Williams and Fabio were very confident in their designs, and Christopher Palu would have been too if he didn’t have such a demanding client.

When the pairs came in for a fitting, Christopher’s mom told him she hated everything — even though he went out of his way to tailor the outfit to her exacting specifications. To his credit, he decided to forge ahead with his design and when they came back for a final fitting, mom was much happier. Heidi and Tim made the designers create companion looks for each mom, which just seemed like a ploy to draw out the challenge since the moms’ looks didn’t matter at all on runway day.

On runway day the guest judge was new mom Hilary Duff, which was so weird. She still seems so young! To my mind, there was a clear top and bottom three, with Sonjia, Fabio, and Christopher at the top and Elena, Dmitry and Melissa in the bottom. As it happens, the judges didn’t really hate anything and even praised Dmitry’s weird Crayola Crayon costume. They choose two winners — one for the girls’ line and one for the boys’. Christopher took home top honors for an adorable white flowery dress and jacket, and Sonjia made a stupid cute little boy’s suit out of sweatshirt material (it also helped that her baby, Jude, was maybe the most adorable thing on TV this week). In the bottom two were Melissa, who just barely finished her garments, and Elena, who got the axe anyway. Not surprising that both of them ended up in the bottom at some point, since their aesthetics were ultimately so similar.

Next week: the avant garde challenge! Until then you can see Sonjia and Christopher’s winning looks, via

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