Project Runway Recap: Anarchy On The Runway

Last week, when the designers had to make a garment for former contestants, Raul Osorio was let go and Christopher Palu and Andrea Katz had a rather nasty fight about whose fault it was that they were in the bottom three, leading Andrea to dejectedly say she would almost be relieved to be eliminated. Naturally, the contestants all reacted as though she’d said she wished she were dead.

The morning after the elimination, Melissa Fleis and Buffi Jashanmal wake up to find that Andrea has vanished. It appears that she left in the middle of the night, intending to quit. The designers all make a pilgrimage to Michael Kors’s flagship store on Madison Avenue for some free advertising, and Tim Gunn informs the rest of the contestants that Andrea has left. Nearly everyone says in interviews that this is “cowardly” and a “waste of an opportunity,” which may be true but sounds disingenuous coming from fellow competitors in an elimination-based competition. Christopher just feels bad that his fight with Andrea may have led to her decision to leave. That is a level of compassion not often seen on reality television.

This week, the challenge is to design a look for a “woman on the go” — meaning it has to go from day to night and not wrinkle — and the designers take off to Mood. Once in the workroom, the mood is grim, and Kooan Kosuke announces in his typically oblique way that he is thinking of quitting soon. The other designers try to dissuade him, but he insists and Tim is brought in to help him collect his things. Everyone is crying. (With secret relief that two more competitors have been eliminated?) Tim announces that to balance things out, they are bringing back Raul.

As everyone works, it becomes clear that Buffi is struggling. Christopher sees that the pink chiffon she’s going to layer over zebra-print fabric might get her into trouble, and offers her some of his leftover black chiffon instead, but she’s insulted and insists that the pink is essential to who she is as a designer. Uh-oh. Also struggling is Raul, whose pants are too small on his model. He has to close the gaps in the fabric with leather strips.

On runway day, the guest judges are Hayden Panettiere and Rachel Roy. The top three designers are Sonjia Williams, Christopher, and Dmitry Molokhov. All three looks are pretty great, if monochromatic. The judges are evenly split, but pick Sonjia as the winner. (It might have had something to do with Hayden’s request to take the dress, which Sonjia giddily grants.) The bottom three designers are Raúl, Buffi and Fabio Costa. The judges decide to give Raúl and Fabio another chance, sending Buffi home, which she handles gracefully, leaving us with but one question — when is Dmitry going to win a challenge? Dude is killing it every week (in the challenges and in the judgmental interviews). Until then, you can check out the top three and bottom three looks below, via

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