Project Runway Recap: Mondo Drama, Tears, And Bad Outfits

It was an emotional roller coaster ride last night on Project Runway, on an episode that ultimately had less to do with the clothes than with family. It was undoubtedly a tear-jerker for those who watched (not me, but you know, other people… OK, fine, for me too).

Anyway Mondo was the star — handily winning his third challenge in a row, but also revealing he is HIV positive, on the runway.

The challenge was for the contestants to design their own pattern, which would be manufactured into a custom fabric for use in a design drawing from their childhoods. Mondo based his on a 10-year secret — that he’s HIV positive.

Before much designing could take place, each of the contestants had family members come visit. More tears, more emotion — specifically with Michael Costello, who’s visit from his son seemed to rejuvenate his spirit and talent. With all the heart-warming storylines, it took more than 30 minutes to get snarky. But of course, it did eventually. In the end, Andy had the worst design, but Valerie went home, bringing the contestant pool down to six. Also, Christopher Collins wore some strange baggy-jean outfit himself on the runway, and frankly Heidi Klum didn’t really make it work either. Onto the quotes…

Quote of the Week: “Fashion is not for sissies.” – Michael Kors. (For the first time in awhile, “Quote of the Week” wasn’t a hard choice at all.)

Quote of the Week (that made me laugh): “I think she looks a little like fried egg on the boob.” – Kors again, talking about Gretchen’s design.

Quote of the Week (by Tim Gunn): “You’re on a wonderful trajectory. And there are only seven of you…sorry. This gets harder.” Getting choked up. It seemed to be a theme this episode.

Insult of the Week: “The outfit itself is just so odd and confusing and upsetting to me. I just don’t understand it.” – guest judge Rachel Roy.

Fashion Term I Had to Look Up: “Men’s foulard old fashioned tie” (Said by Kors, and not in a good way.)

Even I Knew This was a Bad Sign: Andy saying “I would love to start all over,” right before the runway. He still made it to the final six.

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