Project Runway Recap: 3 Times The Activewear, Cheating

The designers had difficult assignment this week: design for Heidi Klum. Screw up, and have her say Auf Wiedersehen to you just a week before the Fashion Week final cut. Make her happy and get your clothes sold exclusively on (they have clothes?).

Andy was in, and sadly, my pick to win it all, Christopher Collins, was out.

The goal was to design “activewear,” which the designers said exasperatingly over and over again during the first five minutes. But it wasn’t just one activewear outfit for Heidi. No, they had to do three. Because of that monumental task, they needed help. And their assistants were the scorned past designers. Ivy gets right to the drama, accusing Michael Costello of cheating. How? It involves something called “sticky boobs” apparently. Tim Gunn had to step in. Quotes are below…

Heidi clashes with the designers when she pays them a visit in the work room. Gretchen is left muttering a the lack of proper options for bottoms. Mondo ditches his whole look. On the runway, Gretchen wears some ridiculous boots, is in the bottom three but survives. Christopher is gone, and the Fashion Week line-up is just a week away. Mayor Bloomberg will be involved.

Quote of the Week: “She wears sticky boobs and she uses top stick to hold her boobs up whenever she does a runway show too.” – Michael Costello, responding to a cheating accusation.

Quote of the Week (that made me laugh): “The world will give him what he deserves. I definitely believe in karma.” – Generally awful human being Ivy, right before something spins off her sewing machine, poking her in the eye.

Quote of the Week (by Tim Gunn): “This is a case of a non-case. End of story?” – Tim, squashing the beef.

Insult of the Week: “The dress is just sadness personified.” – Michael Kors, describing Christopher’s look. Runner-up: “They hurt my eyes a little bit.” – Heidi Klum on Gretchen.

Fashion Term I Had to Look Up: “Ruched leggings”

Even I Knew This was a Bad Sign: For the first time all season, a designer made something that I thought, ‘I could probably make that.’ And he got eliminated.

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