Project Runway Recap: It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint

On the last episode, Nina Garcia did her best to break everyone’s spirits. This week, the designers are instructed to meet Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn at a racetrack in Washington Heights, where they learn that there will be yet another team challenge. Team challenges are such a cop out! To determine the team captains, the designers will have to race each other around the track, because why not?

Cecilia Motwani, who is devastated that Julie Tierney was sent home over her, takes Tim and Heidi aside and begs to leave. I’m curious if there is something else going on that we didn’t get to see, because her mood deteriorated very rapidly. She leaves the track and that’s the last we hear of Cecilia. Soooo…does this mean no one will be eliminated? The designers take off around the track, with Olivier Green falling halfway through the race and Bert Keeter bringing up the rear. The winners are Joshua McKinley, Viktor Luna, Bryce Black and Anthony Ryan Auld. They choose the following teams:

Anthony – Laura Kathleen, Bert (well, he didn’t exactly choose Bert.)

Viktor – Olivier, Mystery Contestant

Joshua – Anya Ayoung-Chee, Becky Ross

Bryce – Kimberly Goldson, Danielle Everine

Viktor’s team is short one member, and so he is given the opportunity to bring back an eliminated contestant. It would be super funny if he chose Cecilia, but he opts for Joshua Christensen instead. Heidi finally gives the designers their assignment: create 3 looks per team that can be worn with her new sneaker line for New Balance. I feel a little bit uncomfortable with the challenges in which the designers are basically free labor for Heidi’s latest retail venture. It’s always the activewear challenges, too!  They have 30 minutes to “caucus and sketch” and then it’s off to Mood!

Back in the workroom, the teams are all collaborating together quite well, except for Bert, who apparently can’t remember anyone’s name and hates the rest of his team’s work. Oh, Bert. Becky is also becoming frustrated because she has been designated the Sewing Girl while Joshua and Anya totally dominate the creative side of their collection. Heidi comes in to consult/make everyone doubt their vision, and then extends their deadline to 4:00 AM. The designers cheer. Total sweatshop!

Runway day! The guest judge this week is model Erin Wasson. I felt that everyone’s color palette was too similar, but I think that was due to Heidi’s request that they include suede and denim to match the shoes. My favorite looks were Anya’s racer-back maxidress with a red racing stripe down the middle, and Viktor’s dress and leather jacket. At the end of the show Bryce and Viktor’s teams are allowed to leave, while Anthony and Joshua’s groups remain with the judges.

Bert, Laura and Anthony start fighting immediately over who was less accommodating during the challenge. I think Bert’s problem is that he’s lived a thousand lifetimes, worked with top shelf designers, isn’t naturally very friendly and doesn’t feel the need to make anyone like him. This makes him look like a jerk, obviously, but I also think the other contestants get so frustrated with him because they just don’t understand his mode of being. Anyway, all of this is going on while Michael Kors purses his entire face and Heidi tries to hide how much she’s enjoying the dramz. The judges take Anthony to task for hating on Bert’s outfit while his model is wearing fancy yet ill-fitting pajamas. They conclude that Bert has the only decent outfit in the bunch, and he gloats way too much over it. I’m trying to defend you here, Bert!

Joshua and Anya’s looks are rightfully praised, while everything about Becky’s dress and skirt is “off.” Becky says she feels she was picked as a seamstress rather than a designer. Viktor is praised for his dress and denim/leather jacket. His stuff consistently looks the most expensive week after week, and his team’s collection was definitely the most cohesive. Viktor is crowned the winner, and then Heidi also declares Joshua the winner (though it’s Anya’s maxi dress that will actually be sold)! She just doesn’t care about the rules anymore. The bottom two are Danielle, who made a hideous green chiffon blouse, and Anthony for the aforementioned fancy pajamas. In the end, Danielle is let go and Anthony cries more than she does.

Next Week: the designers have to hang out with children! And maybe design for them? Either way, Michael Kors definitely makes a crack about Teletubbies.

Quote of the Week: “Her demographic is 40 to death!” – Joshua’s thoughts on Becky.

Runner Up: “I probably haven’t gotten this pissed since I had cancer.” – Anthony, putting his and Bert’s fighting into perspective.

Insult of the Week: “It was like a soufflé that just… flopped.” – An uncharacteristically mild Michael Kors on Danielle’s chiffon blouse.

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