Project Runway Recap: Losing $100 Has Never Felt So Good

Previously: the menswear challenge produced the fugliest assortment of clothing this show has ever seen. Olivier Green, the lone menswear designer, was booted for managing to screw up the challenge the hardest. Hopefully that marked the end of the team challenges!

Heidi Klum tells the designers that this week they need to ”look to the past for inspiration.” They’re sent to meet Tim Gunn and Heather Archibald, who is the head apparel buyer for The winner of this week’s challenge will have their design manufactured and sold on the website. Heather tells the contestants that they need to create separates that are modern with 70s feel, and everyone barfs at the memory of the 70s-inspired challenge last week. They have a $100 budget at Mood and about a day and a half to finish everything.

At Mood, Anya Ayoung-Chee loses her $100, which was stashed in her bra. When time runs out and she still hasn’t found her money, Tim tells her she can ask her fellow designers for their change and/or use muslin from the workroom. She gets about $11 from Anthony Ryan Auld, and is able to buy a single piece of fabric and several buttons. Tim remarks on the bad luck that Anya was kind enough to share a ton of her fabric last week, and now this disaster has befallen her. The other designers take his cue and give Anya any extra fabric they can, though Viktor Luna turns up his nose at their generosity because “this is a competition.” Cool attitude!

Since Bert was working for Halston in the 70s, the designers spend a lot of time parading accessories in front of him to make sure they’re of the right era. Joshua McKinley is totally lost, and Viktor doesn’t want to help him. Apparently, the three remaining girls made a pact to speak up if someone is making something totally busted, but it dissolves immediately after Viktor encourages them not to say anything to Kimberly Goldson about her “JC Penney” slacks. Trés loyal, ladies. Bert is having a great time. He implies to Laura that he exchanged sexual favors for his Halston gig, then dances to some imaginary disco music.

Tim returns to the workroom and tells the designers they have a $50 budget and 15 minutes to sketch a second 1-piece look. Anya is relieved at the opportunity for a second chance and pins her money envelope to her dress this time.

Runway day! With ten minutes to go, Kimberly is still sewing, and so is Anya. Holy cow, that is stressful. It’s very difficult to tell who is in danger at this point, as we’ve seen almost nothing that was finished.

The guest judge this week is Piperlime celebrity guest editor Olivia Palermo. Kimberly’s jumpsuit and circle top and skirt place her squarely in the middle. Laura Kathleen’s mixed print dress is a nightmare and the judges rightfully hate it. Her second look is a very mediocre wide-leg jumpsuit that unfortunately won’t stand out to anyone online. Both of Viktor’s looks are fantastic, and the safari jacket he made has the best construction we’ve seen this week.

Joshua’s looks (plaid pants with a hot pink tuxedo shirt and a printed maxi dress) are an explosion of bad taste, though he tries valiantly to defend them. Later, while the judges are deliberating, he blames his failure on not being born in the 70s, and when Viktor gently questions that logic he accuses him of being aggressive and storms off.

The judges are impressed with Anya’s $11 look, and they love her jumpsuit. Olivia deems Anthony’s dull separates “incomplete,” and she also refers to his maxi dress as a “tent.” Bert’s over-the-top 70s blouse and simple color-blocked silk jersey dress get raves from the judges.

Ultimately, the judges decide that Anya’s jumpsuit is the winning look this week! Olivia also tells Bert that they want to produce his silk jersey dress for; he’s obviously in. Viktor is in. Laura is in with a warning. It’s down to Joshua and Anthony Ryan, and Anthony gets the boot. He handles it fabulously, and breaks my heart with his little face. “He was cute,” Heidi pouts. She speaks for all of us! And Tim gets teary for the first time this season when he hugs him goodbye.

Next Week: Designing for birds. Sure, why not?

Quote of the Week: “[Anthony Ryan's garments] look like the late 80s. They’re all going to the mall, or going to bury something in the woods.” – Bert.  WTF was he doing during the 80s???

Insult of the Week: “They’re hippie sister wives.” – Michael Kors. Poor, poor Anthony’s models.

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