Project Runway Recap: Who’s Going To Fashion Week?

Previously: Anya Ayoung-Chee’s tendency to win everything is starting to cause some friction with the rest of the designers, and Bert Keeter was given the boot.

It’s the final challenge! Whoever makes it through this round gets to create a collection, and then the top three will show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Heidi Klum tells the designers that they’re getting out of the city. A ferry is going to take them to meet Tim Gunn at Governor’s Island, where he introduces them to a couple of randos affiliated with the island who deliver some boilerplate about how inspiring the scenery is. For this challenge, the designers will have two days to create three looks. They have to demonstrate some sort of range (i.e. the collection can’t be three dresses), and their looks need to be inspired by what they see on the island.

The designers tool around in golf carts taking pictures. Joshua McKinley likes that the island used to be a military base, because he has a brother in the military. He also refers to an old cannon as “artillerary”. Yeah. Viktor Luna and Anya take great pictures. At Mood, all the designers seem more hesitant than usual, and their faces fall when they return to the workroom and Tim enters with the button bag. This is a happy surprise, though — they get to choose an assistant from the pool of eliminated contestants! The pairings are these: Kimberly Goldson and Becky Ross, Viktor and Olivier Green, Laura Kathleen and Anthony Ryan Auld, Anya and Bert, and Josh and Bryce Black.

Bryce immediately notices the elevated level of tension in the workroom. Josh can’t stop talking smack about Anya. “Whatever. She’s got nothing on me,” he sniffs. He tells Bryce that Anya has squeaked by with dresses and jumpsuits that hide her subpar sewing ability. If she’s terrible and he’s so great, why is he so insecure? Viktor joins in, which is really not a good look. They both wonder who will help Anya sew all of her clothes if she makes it to fashion week. Am I confused, or does Michael Kors handsew single one of his garments? It’s a design competition, people. As MK himself says, “It’s not ‘Project Seamstress’.”

The bright side of this challenge is that everyone creates collections that are extremely different from everyone else’s. The not so bright side is that almost everyone seems to be struggling. On runway day, Kimberly has to scrap a pair of pants and make a skirt, and Anya is sewing until the last minute. Josh and Viktor are certain they are both going to fashion week, while the three ladies seem equal parts doubtful and hopeful.

This week’s guest judge is Zoe Saldana, who I swear makes Heidi Klum look plain. She is that beautiful. (And she’s wearing a Michael Kors jumpsuit, natch.) Josh’s collection, which includes a beautiful white cocktail dress, still has an editing problem. Zoe likes Kimberly’s clothes, but the other judges don’t love the color palette. She starts doing that defensive thing where she’s all, “Nothing you guys say bothers me, I’m staying true to myself, blah blah blah.” Stop doing that, reality show contestants! It’s their job to judge you!

Laura bawls during her critique, but the judges don’t spare her any criticism. Everyone thinks that Anya’s collection is modern and cohesive. She also gets praise for knowing exactly how to style her models. The judges agree that Viktor has the best sewing skills of the bunch, but lacks inspiration. They do acknowledge that his collection is the most commercial, and would probably sell better the best.

Heidi has the designers do that thing where they say who they’d take with them to Fashion Week. Everyone varies a bit, but every single designer picks Anya. I think she might win. After the judges deliberate, they call everyone back onto the runway. Who’s moving on? Anya is first, no duh. Viktor follows, also no duh. Josh is in, which is upsetting, but he’s good TV. When it comes down to Laura and Kimberly, they pick Kimberly! Hooray! She is so sweet about it. Laura, despite being very disappointed, takes her elimination well and vows to keep going.

Next Week: Tim goes to the designers’ hometowns to check on their progress. Looks like everyone’s doing terribly!

Insult of the Week: “It’s like disco Halloween.” – A more subdued than usual Michael Kors on Kimberly’s color palette.

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