Project Runway: Jackie O, Cameltoe, And Mondo’s Big Win

This week on Project Runway the designers were tasked with making a Jackie O-inspired classic American sportswear look.

Some decided to do that and others just did their own thing. Michael Drummond made an exit and Mondo, looking like an elven tap dancer, took the big win.

Andy went his own route, and got excoriated on the runway. To be fair, the parachute pants didn’t exactly scream Jackie Kennedy. He was safe, though.

Meanwhile Michael Costello and Gretchen — the villains of the show so far — found themselves in the same category this week: the middle, which offered up a nice opportunity to reveal a little something about the two contestants. Costello is a much better game player than Gretchen. When they got off the runway, Costello expressed disbelief he wasn’t in the bottom three and Gretchen, of course, thought hers was the best. Costello agreed. But he was lying! As he revealed later, he didn’t think Jackie Kennedy would ever wear Gretchen’s looks, but why tell her? Instead, he sucked up to his nemesis with the hopes she tempers her critique of him down the road. Will it work? We’ll see next week.

Quote of the Week: “If someone said to me the inspiration was MC Hammer meets the Beverly Hillbillies’ grandmother, I mean, that’s what that looks like.” – Michael Kors on Andy.

Quote of the Week (that made me laugh): “Jackie Kennedy would not have cameltoe.” – Wow, Tim Gunn.

Quote of the Week (more from Tim Gunn): “This is the most you you’ve been all season.” A nice comment aimed at eventual winner Mondo.

Insult of the Week: “It looks like a dirty old rug.” – Heidi Klum slamming Christopher Collins.

Fashion Term I Had to Look Up: Facing
Context: “I have to put the facing on my shrug.” (And shrug was a term I learned this season too.)

Even I Knew This was a Bad Sign: Ivy didn’t fit her model – although ultimately she was in the top 3.

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