Project Runway Recap: Styling For Shaggy Sheepdogs

Previously: Joshua McKinley won last week’s challenge by learning how to edit, Bryce Black was sent home for his Pepto Bismol-gone-wrong cocktail dress, and Olivier Green might as well get a “no fatties” tattoo on his forehead because he really only feels comfortable dressing mannequins.

Heidi Klum tells the designers in the studio that their hint for this week’s challenge is “image is everything.” They meet with Tim Gunn and Peter Butler, who is the consulting stylist for Garnier. The designers will be creating clothes for the Sheepdogs, an unsigned band that will be featured on the cover of Rolling Stone. It’s the menswear challenge, y’all! This is when they separate the wheat from the chaff. Except — IT’S ANOTHER TEAM CHALLENGE! They have two days and will be judged individually. Then why make it a team challenge? I don’t get it.

One of the teams this week consists of Oliver, Viktor Luna, Kimberly Goldson, and Joshua. The second team is Bert Keeter, Laura Kathleen, Anthony Ryan Auld, and Anya Ayoung-Chee. The designers meet the band members, and they are all very shaggy dudes. The Sheepdogs play a set and Olivier flaps his hands around his head because he can’t stand the noise. I worry about him.

Boots, jeans, denim, suede. That’s what the Sheepdogs like. Oh, and also CAFTANS/DASHIKIS! Each designer on the two teams is assigned to one band member, so each band member will end up with two different looks. Tim reassures them that the band’s outfits don’t need to look like they’re from the same collection, just the same planet. Hmph — you can’t make me not be mad about this team challenge, Tim!

Viktor thinks his team (“Team Untitled”) has good chemistry because they’re all leaders. Nope, false, all leaders doth not a good team make! Anya suggests that her team call themselves “Team Harmony”, and everyone does seem to be getting along rather well.

Olivier is really upset that he’s designing for someone who does not have the dimensions of an inanimate object mannequin. He refers to his client as “big” many times, while he is standing right there. Good grief. Many of the designers are faring just as poorly. The pants that Bert wanted to dye navy blue came out purple. Laura’s client worries about displaying too much chest hair. Viktor’s pleather jacket is in danger of looking cheap.

Runway Concert day! The guest judge is Adam Lambert, naturally. Team Harmony is up first. There have never been duplicate models on the show before, and so one team’s clothes will be worn while the band performs one song, and then they will perform another song wearing the other team’s outfits. This the worst. It’s so difficult to see the band members’ whole looks!

Team Harmony is evaluated first. The judges are miffed that the designers didn’t work more closely with their teams. Then…why did they tell them not to worry about cohesion? Heidi thinks that Laura’s outfit is a standout, but Nina Garcia hates it. The judges all love Bert’s rock n’ roll viking. Anya’s guy looks like Pocahontas. A rare miss.

Team Untitled: Olivier’s band member doesn’t like the fit of his clothes. Naturally, the judges are not happy that the one menswear designer in the group turned in such a weak performance. Kimberly’s look = old man’s pajamas. Viktor has a great pleather jacket that looks like a million bucks. In a season filled with TOO MANY TEAM CHALLENGES to have a clear frontrunner, I wonder if Viktor might be our winner.

After the deliberation, Bert is in. Viktor wins. That was a weird order in which to announce it! Laura is in. Joshua is in. Anthony is in. Anya is in. Kimberly and Olivier are left, and Kimberly is saved while Olivier goes home. Hopefully he is headed to a place where he can learn to be nicer to people about their human bodies. Designers are supposed to make their clients feel good!

Next Week: Anya loses her money at Mood!

Quote of the Week: “The fact that Bert has lived through [the ’70s retro era evoked by the Sheepdogs’ music] is a bonus, but the fact that Bert may not remember this whole era…I mean, Bert can’t remember where he put his toothpaste half the time.” Well, he was busy being an alcoholic during those years, Anthony, but I see your point.

Insult of the Week: “You don’t feel that passionate when you’re designing for something you don’t really care for. I never really thought of making things for plus size people.” OLIVIER.

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