Project Runway Announces 30-Minute Episode Extension

As they say in Germany! As information on the upcoming Project Runway continues to trickle in, we can’t help but anticipate the July 29th premiere of the eighth season. (Has the show really been around that long?!)

Heidi Klum, while making a temporary return to New York City for the show’s taping, recently appeared on Jimmy Fallon to not only hilariously critique Fallon’s questionable red carpet outfit choices, but reveal that the upcoming season will involve an ambulance and three contestants “dropping like flies.” While this certainly reveals a little juice in the meat, People magazine has just confirmed that episodes of the new season will each see a 30-minute extension from their usual one-hour time slot — leaving plenty of space for showroom drama.

Model and host Klum explained the reason behind the extension. “We did get always a few complaints from people that they wanted to see a little bit more, which we were obviously very excited about,” Klum told People. “So now we have half an hour more.”

To accommodate the extension of the show, Lifetime also announced they’d be pushing the show’s airtime back to 9pm. With a little more Project Runway on our tv screens and the show’s return to New York City — because really, there was something off about the Los Angeles location — we’re pretty sure the show as we know it will be smooth sailing. Or is the time extension bad news for us viewers?

In the words of Tim Gunn, it’s up to the cast to stir up the excitement and drama to “make it work.” What made last season falter was that there was, well, nothing much to say about the competitors. Let’s hope this season contains a devil’s advocate, a flamboyantly fabulous design innovator, and countless showroom meltdowns — which is where we’re guessing the ambulance will figure in.

But, at the very least, we can always count on Gunn’s priceless words of wisdom to keep us entertained if all else fails, especially in moments like this:

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