Protective Clothing Craze Aims to Help You Stay Alive in Style


Don’t move a muscle, cocky bastards.

Go ahead, keep thinking that we’ve kept air quality problems are for people in Asia. Just go on inhaling and exhaling the American sky like there’s a tomorrow. Fashion news flash: that weather man encouraging you to “enjoy the sunshine” knows nothing.

runwaymarcAdorably calling it a “trendency,” NPR reports on fashion for germaphobes: floral germ masks, colorful antimicrobial socks and latex cleaning gloves with leopard trim so when the time comes, you can go out being true to your love of animal prints. The article reads, “the subway, on a crowded street, at a concert: a person here and there — a Great Pre-trender — wears a hand-sanitizer vial on a necklace or sports a protective mask.” NPR asks, with a little help from rhymes that could distract a child from a storm cloud of doom, if we could be seeing “WaryWear.” Could be? It’s here. Fashion companies have already proven it.

This confirms that fashion is the only source of news you need. We’ll put our lives in the hands of people who know better, like Opening Ceremony with this identity-masking sunblock denim hat. (The apocalypse is an exception when it comes to wearing too much denim.) Etsy offers multiple ways to get your shine on and avoid air-borne disease, while Couture Brands help you bedazzle your protective face mask. Marc Jacobs was up on this for his Fall 2014 runway collection. That bandana is not thug life appropriation, it’s saving her life. And safety’s a style we all need to get behind, yo.

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