Stupid French PlayStation Ad Features A Headless Woman With Four Breasts

In the immortal words of Liz Lemon, WHAT THE WHAT?!

The lovely people over at BuzzFeed found a French ad yesterday for a certain type of Sony PlayStation called the PS Vita, which has two touch screens — one in front, one in back. So, naturally, the copy translation is “Touch both sides. Twice the sensations.”, and the accompanying image is a four-breasted woman’s torso, again with two in the front, two in the back (we feel icky just writing that sentence). Of course, of all things that are touchable, BOOBIEZ were the obvious choice to get the point across. Because that’s why they exist, right? So that creepy gamers can touch them?

BuzzFeed spoke to a spokesperson for Sony Computer UK, who said, “This advert is not creative that we are (or would) consider running in the UK.” Thank goodness. Seriously, this is sexist and gross. Take a look at the original ad below and then tell us your opinions.


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