Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth ll! Take A Break, Won’t You?

On this day in 1926, Queen Elizabeth ll was born, beginning the life of one of the hardest working heads of state in the world. According to new research, the 87-year-old Queen has completed almost 15,000 official engagements since 1984. This includes trips to the United States, Australia, Jordan, Thailand, and Oman.

Tim O’Donovan, a retired insurtance broker who has studied the official list of Royal engagements every day since 1979, produced the annual survey. Donovan said of the Queen:

“She is just a wonderful person who has dedicated herself to service and has carried it out without blemish. I don’t think there is any doubt that she is the hardest working head of state in the world.”

In honor of the Queen’s rockin’ life, here’s a look at her still-rockin’ style–and her influence on Royal-family fashion.

[The Telegraph]

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