Prince William Reveals Just How Much He Loves His Grandmother

We love Queen Elizabeth, but amid all the pomp and circumstance of her position, we have a tendency to forget that she’s also a grandmother.

In a new ITV documentary about QE2, Prince William opens up about his relationship with his grandmother:

“We’re definitely a lot closer than we used to be. I think being a small boy it’s very daunting seeing the Queen around and not really quite knowing what to talk about or what to ask her. I think over the years that’s got a lot better. I’ve grown up — hopefully — a little bit and tried to understand a bit more about her role and my own role.”

The two have such a great relationship that Liz even helped Wills with the guest list for his wedding:

“There was very much a subdued moment when I was handed a list with 777 names on it — not one person I knew or Catherine knew. I went to [Queen Elizabeth] and said, ‘Listen, I’ve got this list, not one person I know — what do I do?’ And she went, ‘Get rid of it. Start from your friends and then we’ll add those we need to in due course. It’s your day.'”

And the whole thing gets even cuter when Will admits how much he looks up to her:

“Everyone’s fascinated by the Queen’s life and how she’s done it. And I would just hope that a bit of what she’s done and a bit of what she’s achieved, and a bit of how she’s conducted herself, we all take away in our own lives and try and do it ourselves. I would like to take all of her experiences, all of her knowledge and put it in a small box and to be able to constantly refer to it.”

Yeah, so would we.

[Us Weekly]

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