Rachel McAdams’ Very Hilarious, Very Canadian Pot Smoking Story

Ah, Toronto. What a city. Home of the Ikea monkey, birthplace of yours truly, and, as it turns out, the kind of place where Rachel McAdams’ local grocer doles out pot to his celebrity clientele.

The newly redheaded actress was on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday, wearing a killer cobalt ensemble that she was quick to point out was not a jumpsuit, but rather a sheer-paneled blouse and matching trousers. When conversation moved from her outfit to her hometown, McAdams extolled the simple pleasures of living in Canada: few paparazzi, ample space to ride her bike, and small-batch Québec maple syrup courtesy of her friendly neighborhood grocer, who sounds very friendly indeed:

“I went in recently and we were just chatting and I said I was having a really hard time sleeping and he said ‘Well, I’ve got something for you.’ So he takes me to the back and he pulls out this little bottle with no label and it’s full of this dark green substance, and he lifts it and says ‘Take a whiff of that!’ And it’s, like…well, it’s marijuana.”

Turns out, of course, the guy behind the counter is a big time stoner, while McAdams is decidedly not, so the teensy bit she inhales leads to an unpleasant night of hallucinated opera singing. Canadian health care, folks!

Watch all three clips below (the story in question is in video #2!) and reminisce over two of the actress’ most stunning red carpet moments here and here:

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