Rachel Zoe On Her Styling Fee, Anne Hathaway’s Ankles

Though Rachel Zoe is, at this point, as famous for her TV show as she is for being a professional stylist, one thing is for certain: the woman has talent. Tasked with putting together all eight of host Anne Hathaway’s Oscar ensembles (while nine months pregnant, natch), Zoe delivered a veritable fashion feast of custom and vintage gowns by everyone from Tom Ford to Valentino Garavini himself — any of which alone would justify the rumors of her “astronomical” styling fee. But how much does she really charge? And who picked up the Oscar night tab?

Zoe gave Entertainment Weekly the rundown of her Oscar plan, inspiration, and favorite looks — and told them the real deal behind those costly rumors.

There is a report that you charged “astronomical” fees for your styling. Can you comment or clarify?

It’s just classic ridiculousness. I have no idea who would ever know that and why they would say that. It just seems so silly. It’s nobody else’s business. Nobody else talks about what they make and what they do. Someone clearly wanted to have fun with something as usual.

It was reportedly someone from the Academy. Who actually picks up the tab?

I can’t imagine that’s true. It sounded [like] someone’s making up something not factual. I have no idea. I don’t really get involved in that stuff. That’s agent stuff.

As for what really goes in to coordinating 8 outfit changes in just over three hours, here’s what Zoe had to say:

The difference is normally when you’re doing red carpet, you do fittings in a studio, and we sort it out from there. And then she does the carpet and then she sits in the seat and goes to the after-party. This time, she’s working that stage, she’s moving around, she’s singing, she’s dancing. The clothes weren’t only custom and couture, but they actually had to be functional. She had to be able to move. Brian Atwood made her these incredible custom shoes she wore with her Lanvin tuxedo. As beautiful as they are, we had to make sure she could dance in them, move in them. Thankfully, she could. But there’s fashion and there’s, okay, I don’t want her to fall. You have to be strategic, and we really had to run through the show several times and go through the order. Make sure she doesn’t have two red dresses in the show and she has one white, then one blue, then black, then one red, because you don’t want to be redundant. You also wanted to make sure it was appropriate. We did Tom Ford for the finale because it was long sleeve, and she was singing with children. You just want to be appropriate.

Award show fashion is serious business, people. There are ankles and the tender sensibilities of children at stake.

Stylist Rachel Zoe Gives Us The Scoop On Anne Hathaway’s Eight Oscars Outfits [EW]

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