Rachel Zoe Finale Recap: Do Babies And Business Mix?

Previously: Jeremiah Brent was hired, fired, and in kind of a jerky move, re-hired at the last minute to set up baby Skylar’s nursery. Oh, and Skylar was born!

This week: It’s the season finale! Already?

Let’s just get this out of the way: Skylar is sooooooo cute. It’s absurd. Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman are adorable parents. They sing to him, (sample lyrics: “Sky, Sky/ French fry/ Your daddy’s apple pie “), they tell him stories (“There once was a little boy. He was a little prince. And he loved to wear beautiful clothes all the time. He loved Ralph Lauren, he loved Missoni, he loved Stella McCartney…”), and they fight over who gets to hold him. There’s a little bit of friction when Rodger argues that Rachel dresses Skylar like a girl, and he needs more “boy stuff,” which Rodger equates with wrestling tees and Metallica shirts. Rachel argues that Skylar’s clothes aren’t girly, “they’re French. He’s like a little French prince baby.” This family.

Cuteness aside, there is some talk from Rachel that bugs me. She has to go back to work sooner than she would like, which is totally understandable. But there’s also a lot of “nothing matters except my son” this, and “how can I think anything else is important after the birth of my child” that. Those feelings do make sense, but I also just don’t believe that Rachel freaking Zoe has entirely stopped caring about her career. It feels like retro producer-planted dialogue. Boo!

Now that that’s out of my system:

The client: Rachel is shooting the lookbook for her resort collection, and the shoot is also her first day back at work, with Skylar in tow. Mandana Dayani takes the lead on the shoot because Rachel’s attention is split between the clothes and her baby. Also, Mandana is kiiiind of a jerk about the whole thing! She seems a little annoyed by Rachel’s split focus. Complications aside, the shoot gets done on time. This project pales in comparison to the next item on the agenda, which is creating a store-in-store display featuring Rachel’s collection for Bloomingdale’s. Team Zoe needs help designing a space. Hmm…whoever could they call?

Jeremiah shows up at the office to meet Mandana, who praises him for his work on the nursery and yaks about sales for the resort collection and the Bloomingdale’s job. She wants to hire Jeremiah to set up the space as a “freelance decorator.” Jeremiah doesn’t bask in the glow of being their only hope as long as I might, and agrees to take the gig immediately. When he meets with Mandana a week later to go over his plans, she nixes about half of his ideas. She doesn’t want chairs in which “two fat husbands” can plop down in. She wants the focus to be entirely on the clothes, as her concern is sales per square foot. Jeremiah goes back to the drawing board, painting the display, assembling the furniture, and merchandising the clothes himself. He also does this while wearing a black tank top of productivity, which: thank you, Bravo!

Despite Mandana being terrible at managing Rachel’s anxiety, when she arrives she’s really pleased with the space (after Jeremiah adds one more chair). The Bloomingdale’s executive they have to impress is also thrilled, and decides to put the display in 8 stores, which is much better than Team Zoe was expecting. Victory!

Also in this episode: Rachel and Rodger have a talk and agree that they’re using Jeremiah too often not to bring him back on the payroll — a long overdue acknowledgment of the number and magnitude of his projects this season. They decide to offer him some kind of official commitment without shoehorning him into styling, which is exactly the right call.

They also host a barbecue at their home as a thank you to their staff for their help launching Rachel’s collection, moving them, styling Anne Hathaway for the Oscars, and assisting her through her pregnancy. Jeremiah gets a special thank you from Rodger, and he tears up when he talks about how happy the nursery makes him. “I tried to get rid of him, several times, and he just keeps coming back,” Rodger says. In front of everyone (which is weird, no?) he asks Jeremiah to come back, “if he’ll have us.” Jeremiah accepts through tears. Rachel cries. Marisa and Joey appear to cry. Like the robot she is, Mandana is totally dry-eyed.

And that’s the season! What a whirlwind. Will we see you in 2012 for It’s A Brad, Brad World???

Quote of the Week: “Skylar is gorgeous. I mean, no offense to Rachel and Rodger, but I think Angelina Jolie wants her baby back.” – Oh, Joey.

Style Advice of the Week: Even week-old babies need Gucci loafers. What else are they supposed to walk lay around in?

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