According To The Internet, Rachel Zoe Is Giving Birth Right Now

This is going to be a short one, but rumors and tweets and blog posts are flying that stylist extraordinaire Rachel Zoe has gone into labor.

TooFab seems to be the source of the story, claiming that sources close to Zoe told them she’s “currently at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles.” Access Hollywood says pretty much the same thing.

Zoe hasn’t tweeted anything in over three hours, but before that she hadn’t tweeted in 17 hours and before that she hadn’t tweeted in two hours so, we’d probably recommend not using someone’s inactive twitter feed as a sign they’re bringing new life into this world. But that’s up to you.

We’ll keep you posted (because it’s our job obsess over things like this), but in the meantime, you should go outside. Or send happy thoughts towards what may well be the world’s most fashionable baby.

BABY NEWS: Rachel Zoe Goes Into Labor! [TooFab]
Rachel Zoe Checks In To Hospital To Deliver Baby! [Access Hollywood]
@RachelZoe [Twitter]

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