Rachel Zoe Recap: Kate Hudson Is Sooooo Bohemian

Last night’s episode of The Rachel Zoe Project was all about, well, nothing. But while the episode was missing its usual “OMG SO MUCH DRAMZ” narrative arc, it did feature plenty of a very bubbly Kate Hudson and a delightful scene with Donatella Versace.

Rodger, Brad, Rachel, and her “gaggle of gays” are en route from New York to Milan when Rachel decides to go all fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pantsy and meet longtime client and BFF Kate Hudson in London for the Burberry show. Hudson gets a lot of screen time in this episode which, for some reason, feels kind of strange. She makes a grand entrance — all $35 vintage fur coat, gasping excitement, and clearly a little wonky from the transatlantic flight — and we can’t tell if, since this is clearly Kate’s first foray into reality tv, she’s playing things up a bit for the camera.

They go to the Burberry show, which is exciting and all, but what’s more exciting is what happens in the car on the way back. While the two kvell over the Steve Nicks soundtrack designer Christopher Bailey chose for the show, Hudson breaks into song. And it turns out, the girl can sing.

There’s lots of emphasis on Kate’s “bohemian” personality and how good of an influence she is on Rachel and her “panic attacks.” At one point, back in the hotel room, Kate tries to convince Rachel to skip Milan and fly to Brazil, which doesn’t quite feel serious, except for the fact that Rodger and Kate can’t get over the fact that Rachel broke from the schedule and even flew to London in the first place. And you get the sense that maybe, just maybe, Kate could convince Rachel to do it except for the fact that Rachel doesn’t wear bikinis. Ever. This is a fact and Rodger confirms it. This makes us sad.

But there’s no time for sadness, because now Rachel and Rodger are in Milan. Rachel and Brad have already gone vintage shopping — Brad tries on a man-cape — and they’ve all been to Alberta Ferretti‘s show which was beautiful and “ultra-feminine.”

They then zip off to the Missoni showroom where they meet with Margherita and Angela Missoni. The meeting has a profound effect on Rodger, who flashes-forward a Zoe-Berman generation and realizes that this could be them. Rodger and Rachel are in the process of founding a Zoe empire, and he loves the idea of their kids and grandkids doing what Angela and Margherita are doing today. It’s actually a really sweet moment. All Rachel hears, however, is: “Babies, babies, babies. I want babies.” This is also sad.

But there’s no time for babies or family talk, because they are there for the shows and that’s how we find ourselves backstage with Donatella Versace, while Brad has a veritable heart attack over his gay icon.

But, alas, Versace — with all its thigh-high slits and skin-tight dresses — is not the place for Rachel to find Oscar gowns for her clients, which (oh, yes!) is why we’re watching the show in the first place. And things are about to go very south. It turns out, while Rachel was jetsetting off to London and air-kissing Donatella, her assistants — Jordan and The New Taylor — were unable to secure three of Zoe’s first choice for Oscar gowns. This leaves her with one gown only which — spoiler alert! — just so happens to be the one Cameron Diaz wears to the 62nd Annual Academy Awards. It’s Oscar de la Renta, it’s one of a kind, and it’s gorgeous.

We’ll leave you with some parting words of wisdom from Rodger, as he tries to tell Rachel that the loss of these gowns is not as bad as it seems: “In your own mind, if you dont have something, you think that you’ve lost something. But in reality, no one ever knew it existed.”

To which Rachel responds, “But you know when you know it existed? When it’s on another f**king actress.”


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