Rachel Zoe Recap: Baby And A Collection Makes Four!

Previously on The Rachel Zoe Project: Rachel Zoe had an insane amout of work to do, Rodger Berman wanted to procreate, and everyone looked great! This season, Rachel has exactly the same number of professional obligations, plus the launch of her new line, and is six months pregnant in episode one. Season Four, baby!

Rachel’s stylish little fetus might be gestating and sapping all of her energy, but she still has four offices to run — one that handles digital media, one for styling, one for archives and design, and one for product development. Midway through the season premiere, she and Rodger have a discussion about her schedule that encapsulates just how difficult being a mother, designer and stylist is going to be. Despite Rodger’s protestations, Rachel has refused to slow down one bit, even finding time to shoot a “John and Yoko”-themed spread for Elle in the midst of her many projects.

This week’s clients: There were three! Rodger, who desperately wants a house to raise their son in, is trying to find one with the help of Kendall Cohan (Rachel and Rodger’s assistant) and Marisa Runyan (Director of Operations for Rachel Zoe, Inc). He hits the jackpot with a $20,000/month home that includes three childrens’ bedrooms and a sauna, naturally. Rodger, knowing Rachel will love the place but blanching at the thought of furnishing it, tells Marisa not to tell her about it. She totally does and Rachel loves the “big grown up house.” She gets a “witch vibe” when she looks at it. They’re moving in.

Rachel is close to launching her new collection and desperately needs to hire some extra help. She views it as an opportunity to create the garments she always wanted to have as a stylist (though you might remember the debut of this line is not without controversy). She’ll be too pregnant to have a big launch event during Fashion Week in March, and so she is holding an intimate presentation with buyers and editors in February instead. Jordan is taking the lead on styling after the departure of Brad Goreski (…also not without controversy), and Rodger thinks Rachel is afraid to hire someone new for fear of being burned again.

Mandana Dayani, the Vice President of Rachel Zoe, Inc, a former attorney and “ultimate execubitch,” recommends her roommate’s friend Jeremiah Brent for the gig. She claims he has great taste, and is hot, gay, and malleable! Unfortunately, his background is in interior design ‑- he’s particularly adept at building furniture — and Rodger doesn’t want to take the time to train new people. Rachel likes his enthusiasm though, and even after interviewing Ashley, a.k.a. Rachel from 15 years ago, she offers the job to Jeremiah and his perfect, gorgeous, Edward Cullen-esque hair.

Last but certainly not least, we have Baby Zoe, whose needs don’t go too far beyond closet space for his ever-expanding wardrobe (let it never be said that Rachel does not plan ahead) and to have less hairspray spritzed in his general direction. I can’t wait to see how his arrival is handled on the show (and I’m also excited to see the birth of Rachel’s other baby — her new collection)!

Rachel Quote of the Week: “I found out I was having a boy, and I did cry for a week. Or two. Maybe three.” It’s all good now; she found a ton of cute boy baby clothes.

Rodger Quote of the Week: “The only living thing we had [before the baby] was a dog, and Rachel’s parents had to take it away because we were unfit parents.”

Style Advice for the Week: There wasn’t much time for styling this week, but apparently it’s all about leopard print!

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