Rachel Zoe Recap: Avoiding Homelessness, RZ Inc.-Style

Previously: there was Kim Kardashian, there was a doula, and there was the sibling rivalry between Joey Maalouf and Jeremiah Brent.

The Clients: Anne Hathaway (who in this episode is only referred to as “the host of the Oscars”) and Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman’s new house. Rachel is beginning to tackle her Oscars styling project. They originally asked her for 5-6 looks, but Rachel, being Rachel, is pushing for 8.

Jeremiah is running all over Los Angeles looking for furnishings for Rachel and Rodger’s new place. Almost everything he looks at, though, is too masculine, too colorful, or too plain. This is a bit of a problem, as he has five days left to buy, transport and assemble everything, and has become desperate enough to offer to pick up pieces himself.

Marisa Lee Runyon, Director of Operations, is helping out by overseeing the movers who are packing up Rachel and Rodger’s apartment, while Jeremiah is responsible for moving everything into the house. This all has to happen in one day. The movers are late and so are all of the other furniture deliveries. Joey comes to check on Jeremiah and is both horrified and titillated by how little has been done.

In the meantime, Rodger leaves for his 24-hour trip to Vegas. “It’s 24 hours. We’ve been together 20 years. I think she can handle it,” Rodger says. It seems to me, the armchair psychologist, that Rachel is jealous of Rodger’s ability to leave work behind and do something that is 100% self-indulgent, even if it’s only for one day. Rachel and Joey settle in for a girls’ night, and though Rachel isn’t worried about Rodger getting up to any mischief in Vegas, Joey thinks that he’s knee deep in strippers as they speak.

A good bit of the episode is devoted to Rodger’s carousing with his “boys,” with whom he plays golf, cards, and drinks excessively. “I’m like, babe, I’m just trying to get f*cked up!” says the frat demon that has taken over Rodger’s body to his friends. There’s a lot of manly power-laughing. Rodger toasts the birth of his “caring, compassionate” son and his friends interject that they hope he’s also masculine, which could either be a Godfather reference or just a side effect of all the bro-ing out.

Rodger’s jaunt through Sin City gives Rachel, Joey and Mandana Dayani time to coo over vintage Chanel dresses and chat about her baby’s imminent arrival. Rachel also has a shoot in her own studio for Exude, a lipstick line with whom she’s partnered. Marisa runs down Rachel’s schedule for the next two weeks, which is all predicated on Rachel not having her baby early.  I didn’t even think about that! Yikes!

Poor Jeremiah works through the day and night assembling furniture and hanging paintings, and then SLEEPS ON THE FLOOR. This poor guy. He races with Marisa and Rachel’s assistant Kendall Cohan to put the finishing touches on the house, even as Rachel and Rodger walk up the sidewalk to see how things are going. The two of them pronounce everything “sexy,” (ex.: “This is a sexy study”) which I guess means they’re pleased? She’s beaming and tells Jeremiah, “There’s nothing I’m not happy with,” which is clearly balm for Jeremiah’s exhausted and eager to please soul. Rodger acknowledges that their child will probably vomit on every surface of the immaculate white home. I’m glad that someone is keeping it real.

Also in this episode: Rachel and Rodger take a rare moment to have lunch alone and ponder the myriad ways in which their lives will change after the baby is born. Rodger urges Rachel once again to relax her hold over her business. He says she needs to give her staff enough rope with which to hang themselves. “That’s a terrible expression,” Rachel says. I don’t think he’s winning this argument anytime soon.

Next Week: Oscar prep!

Rachel Quote of the Week: “Baaaaabe! I miss Praballllll.” No one ever said skipping New York Fashion Week would be easy!

Style Advice of the Week: Babies should wear All Saints jackets and combat boots. Or at least Rachel’s baby should/will.




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