Rachel Zoe Recap: But Jeremiah Is Too Pretty To Be Fired!

Previously: The Oscars tested the limits of all the members of the Zoe team. Also, BABY O’CLOCK draws ever closer.

The Client: Rachel Zoe is doing an Elle swimsuit editorial, and Jeremiah Brent is stoked to actually get to do a styling job. Joey Maalouf just wants to know if Rachel can also be in the shoot, naked and pregnant. Joey gives Jeremiah some pointers on going to shoots with Rachel: be super calm, don’t be negative, and don’t agree when Rachel complains, just fix it. Jeremiah is also in charge of bringing all of the clothes and jewelry to the shoot, while Joey gets to ride over with Rachel. I suppose it’s kind of easy to be the favorite assistant when you don’t have to do much actual assisting! Rachel explains her styling philosophy for swimwear: it’s all about tons of jewelry, “hooker heels,” head wraps and sunglasses. She wants the vibe to be 1930s meets 1970s, and the shoot goes all day. Joey and Rachel’s BFF vibe is clearly making Jeremiah uncomfortable, and when he’s not cc’d on several shoot-related emails that Joey gets, he decides to talk to someone about it.

First he approaches Mandana Dayani, who reassures him that this is just part of being the new guy, but who also seems to acknowledge that no one knows what his role at the company ought to be. Then the poor guy goes like a lost puppy to Marisa Lee Runyon, and explains that he hasn’t felt comfortable in his role except when he was decorating Rachel and Rodger’s house. He wonders if he might be able to transition into creating a Rachel Zoe home line instead? Though this would definitely be the best use of his talents, Marisa breaks his heart when she tells him that Rachel Zoe Home is still a few years into the future.

Later on, Marisa and Rodger Berman have a talk about Jeremiah. Rodger agrees that they’re not ready for a home line, and is interested in streamlining operations because once Rachel gives birth “she may just want to be a mommy.” Hahahahahaha oh, Rodger. So deluded! They basically agree to fire him. Rodger brings it to Rachel, who says that she doesn’t want to get rid of Jeremiah, but leaves it up to him. Rodger meets with Jeremiah at the office and tells him that since Rachel Zoe Home won’t be happening in the near future, “the day-to-day is probably going to have to end.” Nooooooo! Jeremiah is too pretty to be fired!

Also in this episode: Rodger visits his friend Marc and his son Cole, pretending to just nonchalantly drop by but very quickly starting to freaking out about how much Rachel is working pre-baby. She’s 9 months and 1 week along at this point, which, whoa. Marc seems to be desperately trying not to roll his eyes the entire time, and just tells Rodger, “Don’t yell at her.” From your mouth to God’s ears, Marc!

Rachel also has what she claims is her last photo shoot — a cover shoot for The Hollywood Reporter, who is covering the top stylists in the world. Rodger gets to be in the shoot too, and tries very hard to be difficult in order to mask his nervousness. While he wasn’t thrilled about Rachel doing the shoot initially, he seems to agree by the end that it’s kind of cool to have these pictures from the tail end of her pregnancy.


Quote of the Week: “You’re like a pregnant whore. Don’t your feet hurt?” – Joey on Rachel’s choice of pregnancy footwear.

Best Styling Advice: Thanks to a vintage Halston tiger-striped sequined dress (which was aaaaamazing), Rachel managed to avoid wearing maternity clothes for the entirety of her pregnancy and, in Joey’s words, “look like [she] just spent all [her] husband’s money” on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter. Win-win!

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