SNEAK PEEK: Season Four Of The Rachel Zoe Project Is Baby Crazy!

She might not have Brad Goreski with her this time around, but the fourth season of Rachel Zoe‘s reality show is no less dramatic or hilarious than the the three that came before it. There are the Oscars! And a ready-to-wear collection! And a new assistant who’s totally unsure of his place in the company! Oh — and a really tenuous pregnancy that everyone is slightly nervous about! Can you say major?

The fourth season promises to answer a lot of the questions we’ve had about Zoe’s life over the last few months. Was she really mad at Goreski for leaving? How did she manage to pull off such a stunning job with all of Anne Hathaway‘s looks at the Academy Awards? And who has time to eat for two when you’re trying to run a business and jet all over the globe solving the sartorial problems of the red carpet elite?

Somehow, Zoe manages to get through it all with aplomb — and she even delivers a healthy, happy Skyler Morrison Berman at some point in the season, though he does try to eat her boob through her jacket. But if the season preview is any indication, a jacket is the least of her worries. Watch:


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