Super Bowl Winner Ramses Barden Defends Gisele’s F-Bomb

What’s the best way to celebrate winning the Super Bowl? Going to New York Fashion Week, of course! We spotted New York Giants wide receiver Ramses Barden in the front row at the Jill Stuart show Saturday morning. It’s his very first fashion week (“Can you tell?” he asked, adding that his teammates joked he probably needed to come to learn how to dress) so reporters took it easy on the fashion questions and focused on something easy: What did you think about Gisele‘s expletive-laced reaction to her husband Tom Brady losing the game?

“I know she said something about the guys needing to catch the passes,” we overheard him saying. “I have no problem with what she said. I think she was just trying to support her husband. And at the same time she’s a fan. Fans are allowed to have opinions. She can feel any way she wants to feel about the game. I know guys on both teams put their heart and soul out on the field, and the outcome came out in my favor, which we’re thankful for. But somebody’s gotta lose. Sucks for them.”

Sucks indeed! So what’s more stressful, trying to win the Super Bowl or dealing with all the rigmarole of Fashion Week?

“For me there’s no stress at all — it’s just interviews and pictures. But I can see how those immediately involved could be under an immense amount of pressure with the time that it takes to prepare and the money that goes into it. It just seems like a such small target you gotta hit in a short amount of time, so I can see how those guys could be stressed. But their work is appreciated, and they’re pioneers for fashion. Everybody’s got a hand in fashion.”

You went to the John Bartlett show the other day, and you just came from Lacoste. Where else are you going?

“I’m day by day right now — minute by minute. I was going home after the Lacoste show. Now I’m here. Who knows where I’ll be in 30 minutes?”

Have you learned anything from your first couple of shows? Is there anything you’re looking for on the runway?

The walks are funny. I’ve learned that. People walk funny, which is cool. But I guess it shows off the clothes better. To be honest, I don’t have any expectations. I’m just here sucking it up, trying to have a good time.

Do you think you’d have a good time designing your own clothing collection, or maybe doing an underwear collection like the one David Beckham has for H&M? Is that in the cards for you?

You know. I can’t say it’s not, but I don’t have a plan written out for that right now. I really want to see if we can’t get a couple more Super Bowl rings first. Maybe when I retire then I can look into that.

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