Reading List: DirtyFlaws, AltaMiraNYC, And StyleLikeU

Editor’s Note: There are millions of sites in the blogosphere and let’s face it, you don’t have time to read them all. Lucky for you (and us!), we’ve found someone who does, and she’s going to be sharing a few with you each week. Think of them as blogs to know, Twitter users to follow, online stores to shop at — and so much more! If you’re looking to expand your blogroll or source from the best content on the web, Hillary Frazier is your girl! And if you’ve got the inside scoop on a site worth knowing, send her an email!


Aside from having the sickest personal style I’ve ever seen, Nikki Moose at .DirtyFlaws. has an eye for edgy creation, which she shares viscerally through her blog. Made up of runway images, editorial spreads, videos, and style posts, .DirtyFlaws. is a blog for anyone who loves all things black, leather, chain, and all around crafted.

Not exactly for the fashionably uninformed, but for those in need of a lustful fashion fix, this is blog gold. Residing in Philadelphia but spending a good amount of her time in NYC, Nikki shares her endless taste at the best shows and events in the city alongside the rest of the fashion blogger elite. I’ve had the pleasure of running into her and can honestly say, I’ve never seen a girl make a shaved mohawk and black lipstick look so good. Her content is innovative and won’t be found collectively anywhere else on the web, and she’s continuing to be recognized for it through her constant features on other sites and participation in BlueFly’s “America’s Most Stylish Blogger” competition (which she should’ve won in my opinion — what a sham!) If you haven’t added this site to your blogroll yet, you’re missing a huge piece of real, raw fashion.

Alta Mira NYC

For those of you that can’t get enough of models, this blog is perfect. Known as the “off duty models” blog, it features daily photos of models from all agencies and countries — and fresh off the runway. Each post is labeled with model name and agency, and a few even include lists of what the model is wearing. More than just a street style blog, Alta Mira is strictly limited to signed models, not that I’m complaining. Aside from the endless users on, and the intensely fashionable on The Sartorialist and Street Peeper, I’ve found it very difficult to find a good street style blog, but Alta Mira has never let me down, and will forever hold a place on my blogroll. If you love the (international) city life, and agree that many models have more style in their four-feet long legs than you do in your entire body, check out this blog!


This video-oriented site gives its readers an inside look to the closets of the fashion elite. These ‘fashion musings of the twenty first century’ lets us see where these creatives live and get their inspiration, as well as hear about their lives and backgrounds, all in one short video. See all ages, occupations, and locations at, and you can leave comments and sit back praying that your closet is selected next! A few of my personal favorites to the site are Alex Chapman, Hunter Thompson, and Sophia Lamar — all great, fabulously dressed people. Style Like U is more than just another street style site, it’s an intimate look at a stylish lifestyle. There are over two hundred closets for you to explore now, and they’re adding more creativity than you could ever imagine each day!


Hillary Frazier spends most of her time writing, online shopping, and searching for the best fashion blogs on the web. She is an editor and blogger for Fashion Indie, Cliche Magazine and their blog Hello Kitsch, The Celebrity Cafe, and also has her own personal blog,, which she runs alongside the Waffles Girls. When she isn’t thinking about fashion, she…well, she’s always thinking about fashion.

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