Reading List: Aussies, LA Party Girls, And A Casting Director


“Other blogs might be your cup of tea, but Mayoress is your Whiskey on the rocks.” Their description is the perfect fit for this Aussie blog. Standing in as a raw and honest opinion of shoes, products, and exclusive interviews, Mayoress is one of my new favorites. I’m a sucker for writers that say “fringe” instead of bangs and “bloke” instead of guy, so maybe I’m biased, but accents aside, these girls are uncut. If you fancy bloggers that don’t watch their mouths and want a new take on everything from sneakers to music to Aveeno moisturizer, Mayoress is worth checking out. My personal favorite is the face wash reviews (‘Product Pimpin’ as CC calls them). They review all of those products I see in the grocery store, but have no idea what the difference is between them and their pricier counterparts. This site has also made me rethink my hatred for sneakers, which is a difficult feat.

Blood Lust

I’m super picky when it comes to style bloggers. Call me a snob because I don’t like seeing you in Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters every day, or because I don’t consider the lines at Macy’s to be ‘designer’ like you do, but if someone is chronicling their daily fashion choices I like them to be good ones. Thus, my roll of personal style blogs is pretty slim, but Chanel Castaneda is definitely one I’m always impressed by. This LA actress, model, and student is living it up partying with friends, doing photo shoots, shopping, all while looking fabulous every day. If you’re a fan of Taylor Momsen (on her good days) and Mary Kate Olsen’s style, check out this site. She’s got the style and the hair of a New Yorker, but with a little West Coast party kid thrown in. Warning: this site also features no shortage of booze and cigarettes.


Short for ‘Confessions of a Casting Director,’ this casting agency has left me in model blog heaven. The site has photos of everything from go-sees, street castings (just regular people!), polaroids, portfolio shots, videos from screen tests, and tad bits of writings, plus a few guest blogs. I can (and will) spend the rest of the day searching through COACD and still not be able to see it all. For all of you looking for a model fix and desperate to know what goes on behind the scenes in the casting world — or, if you’ve ever wondered what happens to all of those photos of models who don’t get used in magazines…well, here they are!


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