Reading List: Love Bailey, The Fug Girls, Last Night’s Party

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Love Bailey
Stylist Brett Bailey documents his outlandish fashion choices, photo and runway work, inspirations, and party lifestyle on his blog, ‘Love Bailey.’ As a former wannabe stylist, I find Love Bailey chock full of inspiration and insanely interesting to those with a creative eye. There are a few blurbs in the posts describing where the photos are from, but many contain only photo and styling credits, and tags to where they originated from. If you’re dying to see the NYC party lifestyle, international editorial spreads and behind-the-scenes Fashion Week photos, this is an awesome blog, and isn’t overloaded by ads and endless post ranting.

My favorite part of Love Bailey is the edgy shoots Brett has styled, especially the Blend magazine shoot and Olima’s F/W ’10 LookBook. Also, be sure to check out Vivienne Westwood’s Paris Fashion Week on the site — it’s completely crazy!

Go Fug Yourself
If you’re one of those people that gets offended by bashes, STAY OFF THIS BLOG. However, if ‘WTF’ is part of your every day vocabulary and you enjoy seeing celebrities look like idiots, this is a must see! Go Fug Yourself is a blog dedicated completely to bashing celebrity’s fashion choices, according to what bloggers Heather and Jessica deem ‘fantasically ugly’ (fugly — which is then shortened to fug). Of course, they always get a lot of heat from readers who think they’re just jealous closet-dwelling Twinkie eaters, but even bashers have a soul, and these girls know their stuff! (And their humor!) If you’re searching for a way to forgive yourself from the days you wore neon spandex or blue eyeshadow with overly crimped and teased hair, read on and see that you aren’t alone!

Last Night’s Party
Ever wonder what you did last night, who you kissed last night, or even where you were? Lucky for all of us seasoned partiers, Bonques tracks where you were and what scenes you were causing — and then posts them on the internet for everyone to see. Although this site isn’t NSFW, there are a few nudes. I repeat: THERE ARE A FEW NUDES ON THIS SITE. Tracking parties from New York City to Amsterdam, I’ve found Last Night’s Party to be at all of the coolest parties in the coolest cities, finding the hippest people having the best time. Seeing as I’m currently residing in nowhereseville, Last Night’s Party is all that’s keeping me attached to the party lifestyle of the big cities I miss so much.

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