Reading List: Style Noir, Touch Puppet, And Too Many Tights

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Style Noir

This site seems to have everything. Fashion news and great finds from the web, a monthly featured editorial spread, interviews, travel reviews, a web TV channel, street style photos, contests…I’m out of breath. I have undying respect for a site where I can see costume sketches for Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video and Chanel Samurai Armor all in the same place. Plus, they’re from the UK, which makes them automatically cooler in my book. Their British accents in the Stylenoir.TV episodes are completely charming, and an added bonus to the great content. I’m always on the lookout for sites that are aesthetically pleasing, and when I typed in the URL and found it dripping in black with edgy images and a few quotes from my favorite fashion people, I knew I was there to stay.

Touch Puppet

It’s a moderately (but not totally) NSFW site, so keep your eyes off if you don’t want someone peeping on your computer. However, if you think models like Lara Stone and Abbey Lee Kershaw are hotter than humanely possible, and worship Terry Richardson like it’s your religion, this site is perfect for you. The site is run by “travel-obsessed 20-somethings in love with art, fashion, and photography,” or more specifically: two guys from Texas. Touch Puppet focuses on hot models being, well, hot — hence the NSFW warning: there’s more than the occasional nip slip to be aware of. There isn’t much commentary to the site aside from credits and the occasional blurb about life, art, or what have you, so this is the perfect site for those seeking inspiration for shoots, designs — or those who are bored by reading endless blogger jargon.

Too Many Tights

I’ve never seen a blog completely dedicated to tights and I’ll never need to look for another one, because I can assure you this is the best. As a designer for Black Milk Clothing (specializing in tights, what else), this blogger knows all there ever is to know about tights. He gives great advice about tights from all walks of life and even lets her readers try a few pairs out. I’m not talking your classic black pair, I’m talking crazy prints, unthinkable fabrics, and millions upon millions of inspirational tight photos, with a few “dont’s” thrown in. He features celebrities, editorials, and personal style photos that make you want to burn all of your pants and search high and low (or to find the best tights out there.

[UPDATE: Per commenter LL, we have updated this post to reflect that James from Black Milk Clothing is a he, not a she.]

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