Rebecca Minkoff’s Fashion Week Diet: What She Must Keep In Her Purse

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Many models notoriously starve themselves in the weeks leading up to New York Fashion Week, so they can be as thin as humanly possible. Designers during Fashion Week, though, have an entirely different problem: they have to find the time to eat. Eating healthy while making sure all your garments are finished, all your runway looks are perfect, and all your models are ready is no easy feat. Designers just don’t have time to prioritize food, and since most are obsessed with healthy eating, you won’t see many noshing on McDonald’s for quick sustenance.

So what do they do to keep from starving during the most stressful week of the year? StyleCaster grilled Rebecca Minkoff about her Fashion Week diet tricks to find out her tricks. Her response made us glad we’ll be on the other side of things when we’re at Lincoln Center next week:

Think Thin bars are my go-to. I’m starving and I don’t have time to eat so I keep them in my purse. They have 20 grams of protein!

Think Thin bars can be super tasty, sure. But they’re pretty tiny and hardly constitute a meal. Hopefully this year Minkoff can find at least a few minutes to supplement her bars with a cronut or two.

So how else does the designer stay energized with so much to do and no time to sleep? Though the last time we chatted with Minkoff, she professed a love of Diet Coke, for Fashion Week she says she just drinks tons of hot coffee. Now that we can relate to.

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