Rebel Wilson Almost Arrested at LAX Because Accessories

The TSA already catches a lot of grief for caring way too much about our lip balm, so can’t we just let them have this one?

Signs point to no. Fat Amy Rebel Wilson sent out three tweets Saturday claiming LAX security officials nearly arrested her for toting a Alexander McQueen clutch they claimed to be fake. Following the verbal altercation, the agents reprimanded the Australian actress for arguing with them.

It’s a terrible idea to try to board an airplane with a bag whose very life goal is to resemble brass knuckles, but we’ll let that slide for a moment while we address the real issue here: whether or not this is a case of discrimination.

Although no one in the comment section of this MSN article was lucid enough to really explain it, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what they were going for. It’s like this: The TSA probably wouldn’t suspect someone dressed like Victoria Beckham of carrying a knockoff purse, but they would stop someone like Rebel Wilson if she happened to be wearing one of those tracksuits she likes and not wearing any makeup. Forget about upgrades — now we can’t even travel in sweats without defending our Saffianos’ honor.

There is one bright side, however. With every schlumpy outfit that stays in the drawer, the closer we get to When Flying Was Glamorous.

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