Male Fashion Advice is Our New Favorite Thing on Reddit

Redditors, while often quick to critique how others present themselves, don’t have a reputation as the most well-presented of internet subcultures. But a subreddit called Male Fashion Advice is like bro time for the sartorially inquisitive. It’s one of our new favorite things on the internet (emphasis on the ‘our’ — Male Fashion Advice has been in operation since 2009 and its founding members were even interviewed by GQ).

Unlike other humblebraggy subreddits where dudes post pictures of their new Giuseppe Zanotti high-tops along with captions like ‘Brought this shoes today, dnt know hmmm’ [sic], Male Fashion Advice is really amazingly helpful. The commenters are, in general, constructive, and supportive of other commenters’ advice.

One of the best examples is a question uploaded this morning by mrmime757: “I got this jacket from a local salvation army and I was wondering whether I should wear it or ditch it? I’m just worried it looks sort of awkward..”


Commenters were quick to point out that, yes, that is a woman’s jacket. But they also offer helpful tips on how to avoid the purchase of another woman’s jacket in the future:



Other queries that don’t warrant their own thread are filed under ‘Simple Questions‘. Our favorite one of those begins, “So what’s the deal with stretchy jeans??” Answer? What’s not the deal with stretchy jeans?

I made a big switch a few years ago. I switched from Levis 501s to levis 511s.

Ho. Ly. Shit.

It was amazing. The world was bright and new. Everything I put on from a sloppy old t-shirt to an ocbd looked amazing. I was neater and more fashionable immediately.

And the feel. Oh my god the feel. It felt like my entire lower half was being caressed by sexy denim nymphs. I immediately experienced an increased libido and my sexual performance skyrocketed. I’m not sure if this had to do with my confidence in my new jeans or the fact that my groinular region was constantly being hugged by this fabulous material.

The only downside I could notice is that its pretty hard to hide an erection in 511s, so I generally don’t try and just roll with it.”


If that’s not the epitome of a bro-bestowed style tip, we don’t know what is.

Check out Male Fashion Advice here, if  you haven’t already.

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