Former Model Charlotte Waters Outs Herself as Terry Richardson’s Alleged Victim

“It’s disgusting and it makes me cringe.”

“It’s disgusting and it makes me cringe.”

The anonymous model who shared her harrowing story of Terry Richardson‘s disgustingness on Reddit is no longer anonymous.

Charlotte Waters, who was 19 when the famous supercreep whipped out his dick during a photo shoot and ejaculated on her face, has now gone public in an exclusive interview with Vocativ.

In 2009, the then-19-year-old art student was dabbling in nude photo shoots to make some extra money. She had done “Shot By Kern” with Richard Kern for ViceTV, an experience she described as “actually really empowering” and modeled for the painter Ron English. “All of my experiences with other photographers were perfectly professional,” she said. Waters expected the shoot with Richardson not to be much different, considering his aesthetic isn’t any more “pornographic” than Kern’s, though what happened after obviously wasn’t particularly empowering to one of the parties involved. Let’s hope it’s the last time she has to repeat the disturbing full account.

Asked if seeing his work everywhere makes her angry, Waters replied:

“It is frustrating to see that he gets away with what he does, and is still working and getting paid a ton of money. But if you haven’t experienced him first hand and all the negative things about him are just rumors from unknown, random people, then why wouldn’t you work with him? So I don’t put any blame on the celebrities that have been photographed by him because they have no way of knowing the truth. The one thing that does boggle my mind, though, is his shoot with Obama. I mean, he’s the president. I was a young naïve girl, so I think it’s pretty understandable that I didn’t do my research and know what I was getting into, but you’d think the president would have some sort of team that would tell him that Richardson is a photographer with a very bad reputation, and that it wouldn’t be a good idea. That really confuses me. But until people expose what’s he’s really like, how are his clients going to know?”

Hopefully enough stories from “unknown, random people” will mean even famous ones are aware what he’s really like and stop doing “cutesy” shit like this.

Waters has also spoken with the NYPD about the incident, though isn’t pressing charges. Even if she wanted to, since she failed to say “no” at the time, it’s not classified as a crime situation. Richardson’s own representatives gave their usual response, which is to repeatedly ignore phone calls and emails.

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