Reese Witherspoon In Hot Water Over Illegal Handbag

What do you do when your favorite handbag gets you into trouble? That’s the question Oscar-award winning actress Reese Witherspoon is asking herself after being rudely informed that her python purse from Chloe is actually against Californian law.

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The Daily Mail reports that while Witherspoon won’t actually be arrested (and thank goodness, because look at her: she wouldn’t last two minutes in jail), she was the subject of some criticism from animal rights groups, including PETA. A spokeswoman for the organization detailed to the Mail just how the pythons used to make the $3,820 Paraty bag were likely killed, then offered to send Witherspoon an documentary expose of the exotic skins industry narrated by her Walk The Line co-star Joaquin Phoenix.

And just in case this was hitting the actress close enough to home, PETA has voted her the world’s “sexiest vegetarian” in the past.

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Still, that doesn’t mean her stylish tote is above the law. The California Penal Code says that importing python skin for commercial purposes is prohibited, including “possession with intent to sell, or sell within the state.” Buying a python bag somewhere else and bringing it to California, however, is totally fine.

So as long as Miss Legally Blonde doesn’t try to hawk that thing on eBay, everything should be OK. Except for a few worried heads in PETA’s public relations department.

[The Daily Mail]

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