Would You Wear A Replica Twilight Wedding Dress?

We’re fairly huge Twilight fans over here at Styleite, and as such, we’re super excited for the first part of Breaking Dawn to hit theaters in November. But we need to ask ourselves one very important question: would we wear a replica Twilight wedding gown?

No, we wouldn’t. But the Twilight folks are betting that a lot of other people will! Carolina Herrera designed Bella Swan’s dress that Kristen Stewart will wear in the movie, and Alfred Angelo is set to be the exclusive licensed manufacturer of a replica version. It will be part of the Twilight Bridal by Alfred Angelo collection.

We feel like there’s a lot of money to made with this endeavor, but we also have to imagine that the target customer is probably not of marrying age. Maybe fans will wear the dress to prom…or First Communion? Alright, maybe we’re being a bit hyperbolic. But we really do want to know…


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